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????????? YatmanDeckard: please see above Is it ok to ask here? edbian: why is it disabled thothcastel: someone has already done it, edbian: is your sound card listed in lspci in terminal? X-Sleepy-X: i have tried those X-Sleepy-X: but still no luck When I went to install ubuntu, it froze at the point where it says it's copying the files. It's been like that for an hour. I tried to go to a terminal, and it said my home directory was not listed. Now it's frozen. X-Sleepy-X: I did try adding a line in the xorg.conf file damo22: Can't say. X-Sleepy-X: i had to reinstall the driver X-Sleepy-X: but it doesn't work X-Sleepy-X: before reinstalling it thothcastel: i have no idea then... thothcastel: it will be at some point, but do you need help getting it right now? X-Sleepy-X: if you could help that would be great X-Sleepy-X: for the moment i need to do something else Anyone here know how to install ubuntu with a serial port connection? thothcastel: ok, you have to find out if it's a problem with your video card. then you might have to install an appropriate driver for it. X




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Opel GlobalTIS V320 B Multilanguage 2011 Torrent newmdaem
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